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Advanced Technologies | Industry 4.0

Supply Chain process optimizations through data-models in the textile industry.

πŸ’‘πŸš€How to use Data in production to bring more automation, increase productivity, reduce costs, time to market and lead time.

Project context

Our client has been a leading player in the textile industry for more than 20 years now. Driven by the desire to gain a better competitive advantage and expand their operations overseas, our client’s leaders decided to initiate a digital transformation in order to bring more innovations and create real-time proximity with their customers. We were hired to conduct a detailed audit and to come up with a transformation roadmap and solution that our client could directly use. We made the choice to focus on the supply chain and how it was already managed within our client’s core business units and operations.

We used this analysis to make a value stream mapping at the enterprise level including all the external interfaces with suppliers, partners, regulators, and of course customers. The supply chain is a very powerful indicator of the performance level of any factory or industrial entity. It has allowed us to identify the elements of the value stream where bottlenecks occurred, study their frequency, what errors were produced and their number of occurrences and which data was being exchanged and how, between the inventory, the raw materials, the production lines, the logistics and distribution, the designers, etc.

⚠️With regard to our confidentiality policy we are not able to disclose our clients’ names and confidential information publicly, thank you for your understanding.Β 

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