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The future of Aerospace: Digital continuity for end-to-end business processes

πŸ’‘πŸš€How an automated, unified and connected digital platform brings more continuity to the way aerospace products are designed, manufactured and operated,while also reducing costs and increasing operational excellency.

Project context

Our client is a leader in the aerospace industry, and we were selected by a restricted group of other experts to participate in one of the biggest digital transformation projects in Europe. With the arrival of new environmental regulations and the evolution of airline companies’ expectations and needs, aerospace leaders need to transform their core operations using advanced technologies in order to keep their leadership role within their market and preserve the excellent reputation that they’ve managed to build. We were in charge of designing and implementing an end-to-end digital transformation solution unifying the Data exchanged and used by the 3 departments: Engineering, Manufacturing, and Customer Services. This solution is needed to remove any duplicates, reduce human errors, allow for more automated tasks, and increased productivity, and efficiency in order to reduce time to market.

To do so, we used a Bottom-Up approach and started working with the different teams in the operational field to better assess their needs, constraints, practices, cultures and work methodologies. We knew from the beginning that this mission was complex and required lots of industry understanding. We had to understand how the teams in each department produced and used the Data they were either receiving, sending, storing, exploring and/or wasting. We wanted to identify the transversal processes used by the three departments, how they were applying them and which tools the teams were using in their daily activities. Siloed processes are easy to implement but hard to change. They can be implemented with low priority on the interfaces, but when there is a need to upgrade them and bring in more integration in the overall enterprise architecture, it can be difficult because of the interfaces that need to be created, suppressed, or modified. This can also bring the need to remove some processes or add others.

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