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The future of E-Mobility and Transportation

πŸ’‘πŸš€How an automated, unified and connected functional platform opens the door for new automotive services, product innovations, partnerships and business opportunities.

Project context

We were hired by our client, a leader in the Automotive industry and a renowned French Car manufacturer, in order to implement a digital transformation solution for their business models. The goal was to align the company’s operations with the new executives’ goals of switching the revenue stream from product-based to service provider (oriented). Our client wanted to lead the E-mobility services market by adding another layer to its current operations through the integration of leasing activities and subscription models for their B2B and B2C customers.Β 

This was only possible by designing a new functional and operational architecture where our client could add/ Remove/ Update/ Sell/ Rent/ Purchase connected services to its vehicle fleet without risking impacting its current operations related to its historical product’s β€œcars”. We were in charge of designing and implementing an integrated functional architecture that supports the β€œE-mobility services” business model of the company.

⚠️With regard to our confidentiality policy we are not able to disclose our clients’ names and confidential information publicly, thank you for your understanding.Β 

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