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Using the agile methodologies in managing complex projects for airports' operators

πŸ’‘πŸš€How agile methodologies and practices can bring more collaboration, reduce the Work In Progress, converge different stakeholders, and ensure quality delivery in a Non IT project: Building an International Airport Terminal.

Project context

Our client is one of the world International airports operator and developer and a highly recognized French authority.Β 

The accelerating changes in the travel sector have greatly affected the airports industry. For an airport operator, its main clients are the airline companies using its infrastructure to operate their related flights and serve their customers. So, if the travelers’ habits change, it automatically implies an update of the requirements that airline companies send to airport’s operators to be able to satisfy their new customers’ new needs.Β 

In a nutshell, every change in people’s traveling behavior might impact at different levels the services and products provided by the airport’s operator.Β 

To keep its competitive advantage among the 5 best airport operators and builders in the world, and upon the request of the French government to modernize the Paris-Charles-De-Gaulle airport, our client launched one of its biggest projects of airport modernization.Β 

The project involved all business and technical fields and required the review of every aspect of the Parisian airport in order to upgrade it to meet the requirement of the airplane companies and the government.Β 

Due to this complexity and the involvement of people from different disciplines, backgrounds and culture, we were hired by our client to assist its teams in the design of the Sketch and the Development plans of the new Terminal.Β 

⚠️With regard to our confidentiality policy we are not able to disclose our clients’ names and confidential information publicly, thank you for your understanding.Β 

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